Wednesday, May 18, 2016

There is just something so effortless about the cami top - a special, seductive quality that is also very synonymous with its sister slip dress which renders the entire 90s attire eternally appealing and, especially so when cherry-picked by the eternally alluring Alexa Chung. Although, it is important to point out that while this particular cami top certainly embodies the light essence of 90s Kate Moss perfection - the Hattie cami - as named by Chung as part of her Archive by Alexa collaboration with M&S, was in fact inspired by an underdress slip from the 1950s. While the 50s is admittedly a decade that I am not fond of at all in fashion terms - puffy skirts, polka dots and the sweat-heart neckline are all characteristic of the decade and are certainly ensemble counterparts that never cross my sartorial radar - yet, the surprisingly pared back, lingerie inspired feel that the strappy cami in question emits is certainly a vibe that I am all for, especially when served in delicate, ivory-laced following form (and note, said unstructured flowing is wonderfully delicate yes, but does something for your boobs it does not). Alexa, you have done good, yet again.

Jeans, a top of varying form and a pair of monotone, pointed loafers has become my own-clothed daily uniform of late. Interestingly enough in regards to my past heel-infused footwear affair, a shoe sans heel has never been my footwear of choice until recent (I blame retail work in all of its standing-only pain) and so, with my ensembles loosing height in one aspect, elevation is needed in another. Add the straw bag - inspired by the ever sartorially inspiring Jane Birkin no doubt and sourced from Depop no less, the vintage 1970s Marks and Spencer wonder (in surprisingly near new condition) is an outfit attribute I never knew I was missing until now and, how well it does pair with blue jeans of crop flare form. I am always on the lookout for unique pieces - akin to the vintage straw bag - that are unlike the products of fast-fashion proliferation and thus, a little more special in their appearance. I tend to hold more value to vintage pieces rather than garments of high-street classification and this may be solely down to the individual feel they allow - a special quality that enables an outfit more striking in effect, for me at least. All that is missing is the accessory of the moment - the neck-tie, an item that you could of course attain through vintage or the more abundant high-street but either would suffice for such. Zara has a great vintage pattern inspired collection currently and at a pre-owned price point too. It is after all, the mixture of both old and new which collectively makes for a sound, of the moment yet distinctive outfit and one that is also, most importantly, more sustainable. 

Wearing: Jacket - Topshop | Cami Top - Archive by Alexa at Marks and Spencer | Jeans - Topshop via Depop | Belt - Tie belt from a Topshop Jacket | Shoes - London Rebel via ASOS | Bag - Vintage M&S via Depop | Sunglasses - Jeepers Peepers via ASOS |


  1. Love this outfit, it's so Jane Birkin! Wish those jeans were still available at topshop so badly!

  2. How cute is this outfit? I love the cami top x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  3. Omg! Such a cute outfit. I really love that bag, the belt and the gorgeous cami x

  4. LOVE this whole look and can I just say - your glasses are AMAZING! xx

  5. omg I absolutely love this whole outfit, especially the jeans x

  6. You look fit for a spring themed perfume ad! So gorgeous!

    Hayley-Eszti |